• As the last of your guests drove away after this Thanksgiving, and your china was washed and dried, did your thoughts turn to leftovers?  Well, maybe not right away, as we typically consume two days’ worth of calories in one single meal.  However, in smaller, moderate amounts, the dishes and protein that make up a traditional Thanksgiving meal are quite healthy.   More importantly, they provide a great source of nutrition for your oral health!  So our Brookline dentist staff asks… what leftovers are still in your fridge?

    Green Beans:

    These dark green vegetables are a healthy dose of vitamin A and C, vitamin K, and B-Complex vitamins.  Vitamin A works in your body by aiding the digestive system and producing saliva.  The saliva, in turn, helps clear food particles and bacteria from your mouth.  Green beans don’t replace flossing, but their properties help move food along.  Vitamin C helps restore and repair tissue and enamel while preventing oral infections.  Green beans also are a good source of manganese, a mineral that promotes oral health.


    The healthiest dish on your table this year may have been cranberries.  Laden with sugar to make a tasty cranberry sauce, maybe not so much, however, the properties and health benefits acquired through cranberries are simply amazing.  These deep red berries boast with flavor and contain high amounts of vitamin C to repair gum damage, fiber which aids in digestion and manganese which strengthens bones and enamel.  Just remember to brush your teeth and drink a lot of water to wash away the sticky sweeteners used in making this dish.

    Sweet Potatoes:

    Another great dish that is traditionally eaten on Thanksgiving is candied yams.  While the marshmallows definitely don’t do your mouth any favors, the sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamins.  Rich in vitamin A, these tubers aid in digesting food by helping your mouth produce saliva.  The saliva breaks down food particles and helps clear them from your mouth.  To promote health gums and reduce the risk of gingivitis or periodontal disease, this food is a must according to the Brookline dentist team.


    Leftover turkey is perhaps one of the greatest gifts during the season of giving.  Rich in protein, turkey is essential in keeping your teeth healthy and strong.  Additionally, eating protein makes you feel full faster so that you don’t fill up on less healthy side dishes smothered in gravy.

    The main theme here is oral health and how foods affect your teeth, gums, and bones.  Your Brookline dentist office is a great place to start for your dental exam.  Along with brushing twice daily and flossing, nutrition plays an important role in maintaining a healthy oral regimen.  With a great oral daily routine and our Family Dentistry program you will keep your gums and teeth looking their best all year long.

    So, while a lot of butter, gravy, and let’s not forget the whipped cream dolloped on your pumpkin pie may mar the health benefits of a Thanksgiving meal, your mind can be at ease as you put those leftovers to good use.  In moderation, you can get the nutritional benefits and vitamins that your favorite holiday dishes provide.  Give us a call at Brookline Progressive Dental if you are in need of a dental examination or visit us on our Facebook page to keep up with the latest news in oral health.



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