• For four years you’ve crammed in late night study sessions, flipped through hundreds of pages, and penciled in thousands of bubbles with your number 2 pencils. Now your efforts have paid off as you gear up for graduation day.  You prep for the big day with maybe a new outfit, a fresh haircut, and of course – your cap and gown. But, what about your smile?  Now is the time to call your Brookline dentist so your smile is ready for your special moment.


    It’s no secret that hundreds of parents will be documenting your education success. Make sure your smile is ready for the cameras.  Cosmetic dentistry options can fix a cracked tooth or file a small chip.  Teeth Whitening solutions can brighten your teeth so they are lovely and bright.  Your accomplishment is bound to bring joy to you, your family, and your classmates.  Be confident with a beautiful smile that tells the world you’ve made it!


    Does your Smile Glow?

    Our Brookline dentist office uses GLO to get your tooth enamel the level of white you wish to achieve.  This state of the art technology gives patients a pain-free Teeth Whitening solution with immediate results.  The process begins by a simple cleaning so that your enamel surface is clean.  This allows the whitening gel to have direct contact to the teeth in order to effectively work its magic.

    Next your mouth is prepped.  A dental moisturizer is used on your lips to prevent strain and cracking during the procedure.  A mouthguard is inserted and then a gum barrier gel is applied to prevent the peroxide gel from touching any soft tissues.  This unique gel eliminates tooth sensitivity.  Once the barrier is applied, our prosthodontist paints the teeth with a special peroxide gel.  Now it’s time to GLO!  GLO  uses light technology in two to four 8-minute intervals to achieve the level of white you want.  These short intervals are all it takes to get a beautiful smile.


    Maintain a White Smile

    Your smile will continue to shine on the commencement stage and throughout your life.  Our Brookline dentist team recommends avoiding teeth-staining foods and drinks for 2-3 days after your Teeth Whitening procedure, as well as good oral hygiene techniques.  Brush after every meal and floss daily.  Understand that dark liquids like sodas, red wine, coffee, and tea can still stain your teeth.  For best results and a long-lasting white smile, switch to clear liquids.


    All of us at our Brookline dentist office wish our patients in the class of 2018 the best of luck in your next endeavor.  You’ve earned your diploma as well as your gorgeous smile.  Keep in touch with us via our Facebook page or at your next dental exam.  Well done, graduates!

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