• Spring showers are often followed by a host of activities that get us out of our winter cocoon and into the spotlight.  This year, if graduation, a wedding, a new job, or a family reunion is on your horizon, look to the dentist Brookline families trust for their cosmetic dentistry procedures.  A cracked tooth, yellowing smile, or even crooked teeth are problems easily repaired when you join our dental family.  Cosmetic dentistry is a form of art and a wonderful way to prepare your smile for your future.  A great smile improves your chances of nailing your interview, shows off your self-confidence, and looks great in family photos.  Today, let’s look at a few cosmetic dentistry procedures and learn how they can help your smile.


    If you are missing more than one tooth, partial dentures or complete dentures are an option for you.  We work with a lab to construct your dentures which replace your missing teeth and look natural with your smile.  This option can be removable for cleaning or eating, but fits comfortably when in use.

    Dental Implants

    If you are missing a tooth, a dental implant can replace the tooth to bring your natural smile back to life.  It utilizes an artificial root and a crown to reproduce the missing tooth.  Our procedure takes one to two visits depending on your needs and rejuvenates your smile in a short time.


    Veneers are a simple solution to unsightly teeth.  If you teeth are stained, uneven, or slightly misshapen, dental veneers are the perfect cosmetic dentistry procedure for your smile.  This cost-effective solution brightens your smile and evens out the overall look.

    Our Brookline dentist always prefers to save your natural tooth, but in the event that the tooth can’t be saved, have confidence that our cosmetic dentistry procedures can help.  Learn more about our team on Facebook or give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.  Your new smile is waiting for you.

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