With winter only a week away, your Brookline dentist has three reminders to keep your oral health on track this winter and throughout the next year. As you prepare for the new year, it’s the perfect opportunity to get organized and re-establish good routines that will support you in many areas of your life. Your commitment to your health can be easily incorporated with these three reminders:

Oral Care

The holidays are abundant with feasts and sweets. Cavities love this time of year! Bring an extra toothbrush in your bag… especially if you choose to indulge in sugary options. A bag of flossers is also a great tool to keep handy. Keeping an extra toothbrush for each child in your go-bag is a lifesaver for late nights out during the holidays. The new year is the perfect time to replace old toothbrushes and re-establish good habits. Brushing for two minutes at least twice daily is vital to your oral care.

Stay Hydrated

It’s equally vital to stay hydrated since our bodies are nearly completely water. Not only does water help you maintain healthy saliva levels, but it keeps all of your organs, functions, and cells working at their proper functionality. Saliva helps clear away unwanted food particles from your teeth and move through your digestive system. Choosing water, and drinking it frequently throughout the day keeps you hydrated. Alcohol, tea, coffee, and other drink choices can dehydrate you easily. Dehydration can allow bacteria and plaque to lead to gum disease. Choose water when you can. There are many reusable water bottle options that are designed to make it easy to drink water throughout the day. Bringing water with you everywhere is a great habit to start for the new year if you’re not already doing it!


It may seem obvious to remind our Brookline cosmetic dentist patients to stay safe, but we’re going to remind you anyway… that’s how important it is to be aware of your surroundings. With rain and snow come slippery floors and ground. Wear appropriate shoes. Wait to call, text, or scroll until you’re in a position to pay attention to your steps and the road ahead. One missed step could make the difference between getting to your destination safely and taking a detour to the emergency room or Brookline cosmetic dentist office. Lead by example when showing children to be aware of their footing during inclement weather. A little attention to safety can go a long way in preventing nasty falls and extra cosmetic or emergency dental work.

Whether your winter plans are busy with holiday get-togethers or to cozy up by the fire, this is an optimal time to dedicate to you. Re-establish good habits like brushing, flossing, drinking water, and staying present. Daily care goes a long way to keep you healthy and your dental care on track until your next regularly scheduled checkup. Besides these three reminders to keep your oral health on track this winter, we frequently post reminders and tips for your oral health to our Facebook page to keep you in the loop until we see you next. If you give us a like, your dentist Brookline team bets that we can make you smile!

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