• In dentistry, veneers are often used as a solution to various needs of your smile; most often cosmetic.  As the dentist Brookline patients trust for their cosmetic dentistry, look to our team when you are in need of veneers.  The composite material or porcelain makeup of veneers allows your smile to look its best and change the appearance of your teeth in an instant. 

    Fix your teeth with veneers

    Veneers are a great solution when you experience the following with your smile:

    • Discolored or stained teeth that don’t brighten up with normal teeth whitening services.
    • Chipped or fractured teeth
    • Teeth that are uneven
    • Gaps between teeth

    Aside from the above, our Brookline dentist can instruct you on how veneers can even out your smile and make it look great.

    What are veneers made of?

    Veneers are usually made of porcelain or composite material.  Each material has its own benefits, but ultimately, the finished look is the same.  Composite resin veneers are generally preferred as an affordable solution and applied in one visit.  The material is applied directly to your tooth and shaped to look natural.  The resin lasts up to 10 years or more with proper care and is easily repaired if chipped. 

    Porcelain veneers are a little more in cost when compared to composite resin ones.  However, these veneers from our Brookline dentist last up to 25 years or more.  Porcelain veneers require two visits as an impression is needed.  They are constructed in a lab, off site, but still retain the natural look of your smile. 

    How do veneers get applied?

    A quick consult with our Brookline dentist can have you on your way to a better smile.  We determine what you want your smile to look like and work with you to achieve that goal.  Once we agree on what type of material is best for you, we will take the appropriate steps needed.  Composite resin veneers may require a bit of etching of the tooth’s enamel to adhere the veneers.  Porcelain veneers require a mold of your teeth to build. 

    The Final Steps

    Once your veneers are in place, our Brookline team makes sure the fit and appearance are right.  Teeth are polished; smoothed to achieve a natural look.  Then, at each six month appointment, we continue to check them so they last as long as possible. 

    If veneers are a solution to your new, perfect smile, give us a call.  Find us on Facebook for more information regarding veneers or consult with our team to learn more.  We look forward to giving you the amazing smile you deserve.

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